How to Assign Jobs in Sengoku Dynasty


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    Sengoku Dynasty requires a keen eye for management to ensure a successful village and world. One of the facets of management is assigning jobs to villagers. Thankfully, as long as you have the right resources in place, it’s pretty simple to do. Here’s how!

    How do you Assign Jobs to Villagers in Sengoku Dynasty?

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    To assign a villager to a job in Sengoku Dynasty, you’ll first need to go to the Dynasty tab. You can find this in the same area where you view the Map and Inventory. Within the tab, choose the Jobs menu. Here, you can see all available jobs, as well as who is currently assigned to those jobs.

    If you want to assign a villager to one, click on it and choose to add your villager. From there, they will continue to complete the job so long as you keep materials and resources available. This includes having ample storage buildings for food, water, wood, and more. You can find these via the Hammer’s craft menu.

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    How do you get more Job options in Sengoku Dynasty?

    When you first assign a job to a villager at the very beginning of playing Sengoku Dynasty, you’ll only see the option to assign cooks. But don’t worry, because more jobs will become available as you complete quests and build the village. One of the first additional jobs you’ll have to assign is rebuilding the broken bridge beside your village.

    Why are there no jobs to assign?

    If you don’t see any options to assign jobs in Sengoku Dynasty, one of two things is happening. The first is that you either do not have available villagers or you have not properly assigned villagers to their homes. If these are done and there are still no jobs, you should try restarting your game and see if the problem is resolved.

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