Kohlers Sprig shower system will transform your bathroom into a SPA. Alternatively, a nozzle is able to get for $ 119, and a reusable aroma capsule costs 24 Aroged $ – 24 o’clock


    The Sprig shower had a new aromatherapy infusion system at CES 2023, and was powered by special gadgets and aroma capsules.


    The company promises the system will turn a daily bathing ritual into a trip to the SPA. The capsules will fill the air with eucalyptus, chamomile and lavender aromas, as well as an essential part of the skin’s acid acid or salts.

    Kohler says these substances are safe for the body and the system should be used within a few minutes.



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    In general, this gadget can be attached to any shower head. However, a Sprig aroma capsule is not needed to go into the holder. In the future, one’s to be bought separately: for six disposable capsules, you will have to pay $21, and a reusable capsule cost $24 (with two times the cost of eight people using them).

    This gadget costs 119 dollars, but can be bought in the first quarter of 2023.

    Kohler isn’t the only company that believes that aromatherapy showers will come together well with the health technologies. This month startup Hai will launch a product called Fuse, which is also used to attach a shower head to any sink, and then infuse the water with scents and vitamins. The cost of such a nozzle is four hundred dollars and will be released on January 25th. The Sanitary Water System uses liquids that contain sodium bicarbonates, citric acid, and lavender scents and tangerine scents. They can be purchased at the discounted price of 16 dollars.

    Another interesting project for Kohler is the Numi 2.0 smart toilet for $11,500 with a built-in Alexa voice assistant, ultraviolet cleaning lamps, temperature, position and pressure control. With this bowl it wipes out the dirt. It deodorizes the walls. Heated seat, dehumidifier, emergency backup flush and automatic lid available. All these features are controlled by a handheld remote control; and the LEDs and the surround sound are controlled by the Kobenkonnect software.

    There are now 21.500 dollars in smart toilets called Kohler Numi 2.0, and the Alexa voice assistant comes with a built-in voice assistant.

    The Womb.


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