How to get the Crimson Gladiator Drake in World of Warcraft Dragonflight


    It’s no wonder why people have been playing World of Warcraft for two decades. Clearly, it’s all about collecting mounts. Free mounts, premium mounts, raid mounts, PvP mounts and much more! One mount that is making waves is the Crimson Gladiator’s Drake. However, players should be warned. Adding this one to your collection will not be an easy task.

    Where to get WoW Dragonflight Crimson Gladiator Drake

    The Crimson Gladiator’s Drake is a reward for completing the Gladiator: Dragonflight Season 1 achievement. This task requires players to win 50 3v3 games while at the Elite rank during the first season of Dragonflight. One thing to note is that in addition to the normal mount, players also get the Highland Drake: Incarnation of the Crimson Gladiator which will allow them to transform the Highland Drake into the gladiator mount.

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    It is certainly an imposing mount and the added bonus of being able to use it in all areas, both old and new, puts it above all other mount rewards in Dragonflight. That being said, it won’t be an easy feat to reach the top tier, Elite, and then go on to win 50 games. Only the most determined and willing will have the honor to claim this mount.

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