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    Apart from learning combos, the essential criterion to emerge victorious in any fighting game like Jujutsu Shenanigans is to choose the right fighter that suits your playing style. So, if you are a newbie and struggling to find the best characters in Jujutu Shenanigans, here is a tier list for your study.

    All Characters Tier List: Jujutsu Shenanigans

    Below, I have meticulously ranked all the characters based on their usability and combat ability in battle scenarios. Review each of them and choose the ones that match your style.

    Level Character
    Yes Vessel
    TO Honest, restless player
    b ten shadows

    The best fighters in Jujutsu Shenanigans

    Below you’ll find all of the Jujutsu Shenanigans characters and why they belong in a particular tier.

    S Level

    • Vessel: The Vessel is the best character in Jujutsu Shenanigans. First of all, he is a very balanced character with all the skills, adequate damage and range numbers. Secondly, the combos are easy to execute; Even the air combos are simple and only require a few buttons. On top of that, the cooldown timers are extreme, making him an ideal character for spam players who like to mash buttons.

    Level A

    • Honored: The Honored Ones is one of the best beginner fighters in Jujutsu Shenanigans due to the combination of long and short range abilities in the form of Lapse Blue and Rapid Punches. Both abilities deal a considerable amount of damage and are relatively safe. Even the finishing move, Hollow Purple, is easy to execute and only requires aiming at the opponent. While the damage numbers are excellent, they are still lower than S-tier characters as the moves are easy to predict and counter consistently.
    • restless player: The Restless Gambler is another fantastic character from Jujustu Shenanigans. He mainly loves unique moves like Shutter Doors or Gachinko Club Bouncer Door, which not only do a lot of damage but look great while performing. On top of that, the Awakening bar can fill up very quickly with some basic combos. The moveset favors using the various destructible environments around you, helping you gain additional damage from the environment while attacking. The only negative thing I hate about Restless Gambler is the activation time of most skills and the knockback effect, which can bother certain players.

    Level B

    • ten shadows: The Ten Shades is a developing character in Jujutsu Shenanigans. Because of this, there are only a few moves for the character; To be exact, there are only three basic movements. As a result, there are only a few combos for the character, making him very predictable in battle scenarios. Furthermore, these movements are difficult to execute and have a long recovery time. So, until the character is fully developed or new skills are added to his kit, he will remain at level B.

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