All Titles in Anime Defenders and how to get them


    In Roblox Anime Defenders, titles are visual labels that identify the player’s status, achievements, or special roles within the game. With that said, here’s a detailed breakdown of all the titles and how to get them in Anime Defenders.

    Every title in Anime Defenders and their requirements

    Anime Defenders has 10 titles in total as of writing this article and here’s how you can get all of them in the game:

    Title Description Status How to get
    VIP Buy the VIP Gamepass to access! Obtainable It’s unfortunately a non-obtainable title that is only reserved for players who plan the game’s upcoming content.
    Early Access For Anime Defenders early access users! Obtainable If you’ve played Anime Defenders during the Early Access stage, you’ll automatically be rewarded with this title.
    Tester For Anime Defenders testers! Obtainable As the name suggests, this title is only given to the Anime Defenders testers. You may contact the staff team via the official Discord server to become a tester and get this title.
    CC For Content Creators of Anime Defenders! Obtainable If you’re an Anime Defenders content creator posting gameplay videos on YouTube, you’re eligible for this title.
    Planner For Anime Defenders planners! Non Obtainable It’s unfortunately a non-obtainable title which is only reserver for players who plan the game’s upcoming content.
    Staff For Staff! Obtainable You can apply for the Staff position via the official Discord server to get this title.
    Admin For Admins! Obtainable If the owner likes you contribution, they may promote you to the Admin role.
    Dev For developers of Anime Defenders! Non Obtainable It can’t be obtained by a regular player as it’s only reserved for the game developers.
    Chai Unique to the Head Manager of Anime Defenders. Non Obtainable A regular player can’t obtain it as it’s only reserved for the Head Manager.
    Owner Owner of Anime Defenders Non Obtainable Exclusive to the owner of Anime Defenders.

    How to equip titles in Anime Defenders

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    If you’ve unlocked a title in Anime Defenders, here’s how you can equip it in the game:

    • Fire up the game via Roblox player.
    • Click on the three dots icon on the top left of the screen.
    • Select “Titles” and equip the one you’ve unlocked.

    Now, the title should be displayed on the top of your character’s head, giving you a special status in the server.

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