Island Royale Codes (January 2023)


    Our Roblox Island Royale Codes have the most up-to-date list of working OP codes that you can redeem for tons of free bucks! Use all this free money to buy some cute cosmetics in the item shop and all time shop!

    The codes in Island Royale will net you several dollars, cash, and more, so keep an eye on them. These will also have expiration dates, so you need to use the codes before they expire. We have compiled a list of codes available for you to earn gems and more in Island Royale.

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    List of all Island Royale codes

    Updated on January 9, 2023

    Added a new code.

    All Island Royale codes (working)

    • 4XP SWEETKINDNESS—Redeem for $10k (New)
    • BIG MONEY—Redeem for $10k
    • OLD SCHOOL STUFF—Redeem for $10k
    • S4GOODIESBACK—Redeem for $10k
    • PARKOURWOOOO—Redeem for $10k
    • BABY LEMONS—Redeem for $10k
    • your mom—Redeem for $10k

    All Island Royale Codes (Expired)

    • MANY THINGS – Redeem for $5,000
    • NEW BUILDINGS – Redeem for free cash
    • IRV1YEAHHHH – Redeem for 10K dollars
    • IRV1SOON – Redeem for dollars
    • FISH – Redeem for 5K Bucks
    • FLOODZWWOO – Redeem for $5,000
    • SQUASHTHENOOBS – Redeem for $5,000
    • PCBACKBOIZ – Redeem for $5,000
    • PAINTBALLBOI – Redeem for $5,000
    • MARRIEDAAAA – Redeem for $5,000
    • MINIROYALEAAA – Redeem the code for $5,000!
    • TEAMBOXFIGHTWOO – Redeem the code for $5,000!
    • LIMITED TIME – Redeem the code for $5,000!
    • BOXFIGHTSAAA – Redeem the code for $5,000!
    • EASTER BUNNY – Redeem the code for $7,500!
    • HLFVHLF – Redeem the code for $7,500!
    • STAMPED – Redeem the code for free Bucks!
    • BIGXPBRO – Redeem the code for $5,000!
    • SZN8WOO – Redeem the code for $10,000!
    • LET’S GET IT – Redeem for free dollars!
    • MASSIVEIPYAY – Redeem for free dollars!
    • GIVEMETHEIP – Redeem for $2,500!
    • OSSQUADS – Redeem it for $5,000!
    • DUOZWYAY – Redeem for free dollars!
    • NOWIFIRIP – Redeem the code for free Bucks!
    • WOOMOREOS – Redeem the code for $5,000!
    • OSSOLOSBOIII – Redeem the code for $5,000!
    • TRIOS RETURNS – Redeem this code for 5000 Bucks!
    • Santa Claus2020 – Redeem this code for $7,500!
    • CHRISTMAS TREES ANDEEHAW – Redeem code for free money
    • RBBBATLESSOON – Redeem code for free money
    • YAYSOONYAY – Redeem code for free money
    • OGSKELLINGTON – Redeem code for free money
    • DUOZWMODEFR – Redeem code for free money
    • WOOOONEWMAP – Redeem code for $5,000
    • EVENTS MAP – Redeem code for $5,000
    • GOODBYE – Redeem code for $5,000
    • HI EVERYONE – Redeem code for $5,000
    • ALIENUPH – Redeem code for $5,000

    Roblox Island Royale FAQ

    Here is everything you need to know about Roblox Island Royale codes.

    How to redeem codes in Island Royale

    To redeem codes at royal island, you must select the Codes option on the left side of the title screen. Enter the code and select confirm. You can find more codes for Roblox Island Royale through the official Twitter Y Discord.

    NOTE: There is an issue that gives an error message when redeeming codes in Roblox Island Royale. This does not mean that the codes have expired, but rather that there is a problem on the part of the developer. This will likely be fixed in an update, but we’ll update this guide when the issue is resolved.

    What do the Island Royale codes do?

    The codes in Island Royale grant you various rewards such as cash and dollars. These can be used to purchase sweet items from the various shops, allowing you to customize your character however you see fit.

    Why aren’t my Island Royale codes working?

    The developer controls the Island Royale codes and determines how long they will be active. Some codes may expire faster than others and some may not work with others. If a code doesn’t work for you, check again if there’s a misspelling, the code isn’t active yet, or it’s already expired. To help resolve that issue, please bookmark this page and check back often to see if Island Royale has added any new codes or if any are expired.

    What is Island Royale?

    Take part in a frantic, high-stakes battle royale. Don’t let the beauty of the island distract you from the other players. Take out your competition, fight to be the last one standing in Island Royale and get that sweet victory.

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