11 Best PS5 Demos We Played Over and Over Again!


    Many gamers have never forgotten the nostalgia of their own massive demo albums that came together with magazine subscriptions or were given out as part of a promotion even when PlayStation 1 and 2 were a week old gamer. Sure, not all the demo may’ve been a blast, but some pleasant surprises all of us have now had us playing them again and again.

    While demos have faded out of mainstream popularity in recent years, a lot of developers begin to give fans a taste of the final product if they aren’t free or otherwise. We present some of the best PS5 demos we have all played in all these years.

    Astros Playroom

    The Astros Playroom app comes pre-installed with every PS5 and its extremely probable that you booted the first game with the new console, as soon as you unheathed your shiny new console. That’s not a single-stage incarnation of PS5’s DualSense capabilities, but it’s not going to end up being much more than that. In many ways, the Astros Playroom is a celebration of all the PlayStation’s great attractions. All who have grown up with the brand would have certainly been overcome with nostalgia as they explored the four sprawling levels of the console’s internals. Astros Playroom is full of some of the best PlayStation games of all time.

    And even those who haven’t grown up with PlayStation would have fun, regardless, the platforming is quite exciting with well-designed controls and a sophisticated sound-playing design. And then again there is the perfect use of DualSenses haptics which alter vibrations to reflect the intensity of an incoming sandstorm or the shattering of a glass among others. It ends up being very expensive, even when it runs down for over an hour.


    Ghostrunner is one of the most mechanically sound games of the past few years. It’s always the fastest way to get through the rain-soaked streets of Dharma city and continues to change and destroy its much-toosly infamous one-hit design. This short demo takes you through the opening moments of the game, and is a perfect introduction to Ghostrunners parkour and combat mechanics.

    Ghostrunner is a game that demands mastery of its mechanics to be better at the game. Getting the same sections up and over will get you started. With the help of your cyberninja, you understand the challenges and can’t get wrong with the slick stunts you already thought impossible. Now this becomes a hard-earned power fantasy.


    Although Outriders may not have been the game many people could expect, its demo portion of the game was very fun. People Can Flys latest shooter features full content for a free demo, and it comes with the entire first chapter. As long as you prepare for a final encounter, you gain greatly needed insight in gameplay and the usefulness of your own character.

    With your playthrough, even outriders have more options. Now that you have a much shorter period of time, you’ll have better learn how to play the game with a new class, and then the playthrough will see what you like with your own character.

    Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

    Ninja Theory is changing its signature take on the Souls formula using Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, a new game set against the backdrop of the Han Dynasty. The demo gives you access to an enormous area where you must reach the end boss through the hordes of enemies. That may seem to be limit-based, but it may be something else. The beginning area is vast and requires multiple adversaries and even two mini-boss encounters, but can also defeat a big baddie, with two different phases, two swift attacks and two other types of enemies.

    The fast-paced combat feels like an evolution of Niohs combat system, and new elements like the Morale Rank system and the companion beast are useful additions to the experience. Even better, you can experiment with different weapons and classes which, and more importantly, help us to try it again.

    Do not destroy all humans!

    Black Forest Games Destroy All Humans! has successfully translates this cult classic experience into something that’s more palatable for the modern generation. The demo is probably the best way to get a taste of the full game. The visuals look fine and the change to the gameplay really makes for a wonderful experience. This content may be the shorter end of the stick but only the first mission is available in the package. However, on the more positive side, you also get a bonus challenge to play, too.

    The dead: The village of the dead!

    Like the Astros Playroom we have previously discussed, Resident Evil: Village is a celebration of all Resident Evil’s happenings, it effortlessly dances between different shades of horror, from psychological to supernatural. While the games demo might not be as versatile as the final game, it’s really amazing nonetheless. You begin a dark-light dungeon in Castle Dimitrescu, the which is, without doubt, probably one of the best parts of the game, and you solve everything with a piece of puzzle.

    The game always plays on your fear of the unknown with abnormal sounds and spooky notes about dungeon residents, but in the real time, you don’t face any mortal threats during the long period of the game. And with the end being achieved, Lady Dimitrescu rose above you, like a giant and you know it won’t end well. And this was only the one PS5 exclusive Maiden demo, and those other demos that were released before the first release are both fun and scary.


    Forspoken isn’t available until early next year, but it has already brought us excited about what’s going on thanks to the recently released demo. This puts you to the shit after a few short lessons and requires five different goals. These duties are all for combat, crafting and open-world activities. We can see how fighting, traversal, and player progression works.

    Of course, in bringing out such landscapes, you don’t have to roam the distance from the main road. And, once you’re satisfied with the main goals, it becomes as simple as being a bonus of a final boss. That’s only an hour to complete, but you may need to stretch it to a longer amount when you want it.

    Tormented Souls

    Tormented Souls are a beloved trait to original Resident Evil games. From the tank controls to spooky mansions to item-based puzzles that can keep those power in place. The demo shows you a little bit of the game, but it’s enough to prove how much love and appreciation a developer has for the source material. The moment we were on the brink of release, we were continuing to play through it.


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