Is there a New Game + in Blacktail?


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    Blacktail weaves a story of magic, fantasy and tragedy, all encompassed in a surreal world. The game progresses linearly and players are asked to go to certain locations to further their progress. However, even after defeating all the bosses and completing all the quests, the forests may still hold mysteries for you to find. This begs the question: is there any incentive to get players to play the game again? Fortunately, there is.

    Is there a New Game Plus mode or replay value in Blacktail?

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    Blacktail features a New Game + mode where some of your progress from previous matches carries over to the new game. Most of this transferred progress belongs to the items you found in your Collection. These elements include dolls, toads, amber spiders, found and lostY gnolledge. These items can be obtained by unlocking chests, beast chests, guardian treasures, completing quests, or simply exploring the world. The progress of your collection can be seen in the almanac or in your cabin.

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    The most important thing to note here is that any abilities you have unlocked by generating resources in the cauldron will be reset, along with your map exploration progress. So the real incentive to play again lies in the promise of finding new Lost Pages to unlock abilities you might not have unlocked in your first playthrough. However, if the thought of having to unlock skills from scratch is too daunting for you, you can simply load the Winter Solstice Save file, which is the point of no return In the game. From there, feel free to explore the rest of the map and collect as many abilities as you can before heading to the final mission and completing the game.

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