Is the Stellar Blade Deluxe Edition worth it?


    Stellar Blade is the latest IP from Korean studio Shift Up that is packed with vibrant and addictive action. There are two different editions of the game for players to choose from, and the Deluxe Edition has some undeniably enticing features. In case you can’t decide, here’s our handy guide that answers whether the Stellar Blade Deluxe Edition is worth it.

    All the differences between the standard and deluxe edition of Stellar Blade

    Image via Shift Up Corporation

    There are two different editions of Stellar Blade that you can choose from: the Standard edition and the Deluxe edition. Unfortunately, Neither edition is available as a physical disc only through PlayStation Store.

    By pre-ordering any of the editions of the game, the following additional items were obtained:

    • Planet Diving Suit for Eve
    • Classic round glasses for Eve
    • Ear armor earrings for Eva

    There are some major differences between both editions of Stellar Blade, from the price to the additional items players can take advantage of. We’ve listed all of those details below to provide clarity on what to expect from each.

    Game edition Price Additional articles
    Standard Edition $69.99USD base game only
    Deluxe Edition $79.99 base game
    Stargazer suit for EVE
    Quadruple Rectangle Earrings for EVE
    Half frame glasses for EVE
    Stargazer drone package
    Stargazer clothes for Adam and Lily
    5000 gold coins in the game
    2000 SP EXP

    Should you get the standard or deluxe edition of Stellar Blade?

    Image via Shift Up Corporation

    While it is a personal preference overall, in terms of the value of the additional items provided, we would recommend I definitely recommend the Deluxe Edition..

    While the bonus items offered by some games are purely cosmetic, the Stellar Blade Deluxe Edition offers a good balance between cosmetic and practical items. Along with some stylish glasses, you not only get an outfit for Eve, but also some extras for teammates Adam and Lily and even the drone that Adam uses to accompany you on your travels.

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    However, arguably the most valuable part of the package is the 5,000 gold coins and 2000 SP EXP with which you start the game. This gives players a huge advantage in the early game to get items from stores and also level up Eve’s skills more quickly.

    If that’s your preferred experience, this combo package makes spending the extra $10 USD worth it. Additionally, if you initially purchase the Standard Edition of Stellar Blade, you can upgrade to the Deluxe Edition at any time for the same price of $10 USD.

    This concludes our guide that answers whether the Stellar Blade Deluxe Edition is really worth it. We hope you found it useful and let us know if you decide to get the Deluxe Edition of the game. Do you think it’s worth spending a few extra dollars?

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