How to repair a vehicle in Sand Land


    Sand Land is a JRPG video game and Akira Toriyama’s latest project. In this adventure title you will need to take great care of both your people and your vehicles to travel through the desert in search of water. But curing your vehicles is a little different and wasn’t very intuitive for me.

    How to use repair kits in Sand Land

    Repair kits can be found in the items menu. To use one to recharge your vehicle’s health meter, you will need to be inside the vehicle or standing near it. You will then need to press the right button on the controller’s D-pad; on the keyboard it is the V key. Select the repair kit and press the select button to use it.

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    Your menu items are also customizable; You can edit which items appear by going to the menu and then selecting the items submenu. There is a “set shortcut” button you can choose to choose what you want to be able to access quickly. As for what items you can put there for your vehicle, always make sure one of these slots is occupied by the repair kit. I also like to have the Armor Up Kit for tougher enemies.

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    If you run out of repair kits, don’t worry. You can sleep at a campfire site to repair your vehicle, or you can fast travel to town and head to Ann’s house. While you’re there, you can pick up more repair kits and consult with the growing city.

    Where to find repair kits in Sand Land

    While repair kits can be found in treasure chests in the world of Sand Land, the best way to pick them up is at the item shop in town or by traveling. Street sellers. They cost 100 zeni each.

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