Is Shady Sands in Fallout 4?


    Amazon Prime TV’s depiction of the Fallout universe has brought fans new and old back to the game franchise to explore the world from this new angle. But will Fallout 4 fans find Shady Sands in the classic role-playing game?

    Fallout 4: Can you go to Shady Sands?

    Unfortunately, the simple answer is no, you I can’t go to Shady Sands. in Fallout 4. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not technically in Fallout 4, because it does get the occasional mention. The main problem is that both the Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 games are based on the East Coast of the US, while the television show is based on the West Coast, with Shady Sands in the heart of the New California Republic.

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    However, as I mentioned, Shady Sands gets an occasional mention in Fallout 4 if you’re willing to dig deeper. He can be seen mentioned in the case file of the mysterious strangera Fallout regular who Nick Valentine is researching Fallout 4.

    Shady Sands also appears on the radio as part of the mercenary’s childhood flashback scene. Conrad Kellogg. Kellogg was born on the West Coast and was a founding member of the New California Republic, so the connection makes a lot of sense.

    While you may have expected Shady Sands to appear (try saying it three times in a row) in Fallout New Vegas, sadly it’s not a place you can visit there either. Despite being set on the west coast of the US, and even being teased at the end of Amazon Prime’s Fallout series, it is only mentioned in New Vegas and is not a visitable location. In the mission, the GI Blues missionaries mention the former capital of the NCR. Angela Williams also mentions it if you visit McCarran Camp on your trip through the fells.

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