All skins in Fortnite Update v29.30 (Chapter 5 Season 2)


    Each Fortnite update brings interesting outfits with a specific theme. The Fortnite v29.30 update has brought vibes of the Thor: Ragnarök movie with Hella and Hulk, but that’s just part of the new package. Here are all the new skins in Fortnite update v29.30 (Chapter 5 Season 2).

    All Fortnite outfits in the Fortnite v29.30 update

    With multiple game modes, Fortnite offers a wide range of ways to exist in a vibrant and crazy world. I wasn’t surprised when Epic introduced skins covering superhero movies, music, Greek mythology, and even bananas! Below is a list of all the outfits introduced in the Fortnite v29.30 update.

    • green roots billie – Billie Eilish is in a good mood.
    • Hela Odinsdóttir – This supervillain Thor: Ragnarök She is the daughter of Odin and the Asgardian goddess of death.
    • Hulk, champion of Sakaar – He’s Thor’s friend from work!
    • Perseus – Legendary hero from Greek mythology, which is one of the themes of Chapter 5 Season 2.
    • Pelosophic Bananocrates – Peel a banana every time you want to hear something intelligent.

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    green roots billie

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