Is Detective Pikachu Returns a Sequel?


    The 3DS era is definitely “retro” at this point, considering the modern definition of the word, as it has been for a decade. As such, some fans hoping to jump into Detective Pikachu Returns for Nintendo Switch now might be reluctant to do so for the simple reason that it’s a sequel to a game they’ve never had the chance to play. But is it?

    Is Detective Pikachu Returns a sequel to the 3DS game?

    First of all, yes, the return of Detective Pikachu It’s a sequel to Detective Pikachu for 3DS. It is set in the same setting (Ryme City) with most of the same main human cast, such as Tim Goodman. However, like all new titles in any line of Pokémon games, Detective Pikachu returns can be played as a standalone title. It is not necessary to play Detective Pikachu to understand the story.

    Furthermore, Detective Pikachu is a game that puts more emphasis on gameplay than story! Still, if you want to catch up on the story so bad, all you need is two minutes. Here’s a video from Nintendo UK to get you up to speed:

    However, the most notable difference I see is the addition of more recent generational Pokémon like Ice Darmanitan and Inteleon from Sword & Shield.

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    Is Detective Pikachu Returns a sequel to the 2019 film?

    No. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu (2019) is an independent film that is likely set in a parallel Ryme City. Think Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. They both have similar looking protagonists but are definitely not from the same timeline. Pokémon Masters EX all but confirms this by referring to the PLA protagonists as “Akari and Rei” instead of “Dawn and Lucas.”

    For more information on Detective Pikachu Returns, be sure to check out Detective Pikachu Returns: Release Window, Gameplay, Trailer, and More. Here at MyFullGames!


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