“Flesh compels, iron liberates.”: Which champion says this?


    There’s nothing like a real brainteaser, is there? Love Liddell is an online game that your League of Legends Knowledge to the true test, and in today’s game, we marvel at the quote “Flesh constrains, iron sets free.”

    Created as a spin-off to the popular Wordle, Love Liddell Your task with finding a League of Legends Champion based on their details in thisLove Liddell Classic mode.

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    Love Liddell It has since been added to a number of games, including a ‘Splash’ where you guess based on the champion’s art, an ‘Emoji’ with a set of 3-5 to guess the champion, and an ‘Ability’. With, their weapon capacity.

    Finally, we are left with the last mode, the quote. It tasks you with taking a champion’s quote and figuring out who they are. So, if you’re stuck, keep scrolling to find the answer to LoLdle’s Oct 4, 2023 “Flesh constrains, iron liberates”.

    “Flesh compels, iron liberates.”: Which champion says this?

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    Today was a difficult day. Lol Fans, as we faced the perplexing challenge of figuring out the answer to the quote “Flesh constrains, iron liberates.”

    Today’s answer is Mordekaiser.

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    There you have it, hope we’ve helped you on your way to completing it all. Love Liddell Check back tomorrow for the puzzles and we’ll help you out.


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