Interrogation: His dark materials have been discussing Season 3?



    The third series of The Dark Materials is now being premiered on HBO Max. This fantasy show is based on the novel trilogy of Philip Pullman and follows the original story behind the show. The stars and the producers of the show arrived at New York Comic Con to speak about the upcoming season and what we can expect to see.

    When asked about a particular scene, which she is excited to see from the page to the screen, executive producer Jane Tranter told the story of why Lyra and Will are travelling into the world of the Dead and what happens there between Lyra and Pan is very emotional and enjoyable. There is what happens with Mr. Asriel and Mrs. Coulter, and what happens with Lyra and Mr. Will the emotions are that most excitedly revealed to fans. The visual effects are pretty amazing, so I hope people are able to be very quick in battle. They can get those in other places but perhaps not as magnificent as what he had delivered, but its emotional stories that are most thrilling.

    And it felt almost weird to change who he was. It is almost like you need to succeed in the promises of what he said that. I’ll do everything you need in season 1. And finally here I am in Season 3 and I’m going to do something different. We’re going to do knitting for the first episode and his style is different. And when you go and get the job done, the train will get it through and go through everything else, but the arc is about packing the stuff away. It is about slowing down the train, making it stop and making it have a lot of emotional problems about himself, then the train cant start again until it sets them out, and eventually goes from the center of the universe to the holy st, it never was about me. What that do to somebody who has ignored their fathering responsibilities his daughters all life because he thinks hes Spartacus and his daughter is not actually his and how you see how that does to his ego.

    Wilson spoke about the relationships his character built with him. She says that, obviously, He already has a strong connection with Lyra, but also has to find out about angels. She meets Balthamos, she meets Iorek Byrnison for the first time, and she’s mad. You know he’s from Earth. He’s a member of our world. These things don’t happen when talking animals. I know he met Pan, so know that talking animals is the subject of many new worlds and new characters, so you need to get on with lots of joy.

    The first two episodes of The Dark Materials Series 3 are going to go on HBO Max now.



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