How to Get the Star Baker Seal and Title in Destiny 2



    With three weeks to complete a set of 16 Triumphs during The Dawning, the Guardians will be forced to come up with quality baked goods dishes to earn the prestigious title of Star Baker. These challenges range from baking to just slaughtering a bunch of enemies while performing a variety of activities. Because nothing says Christmas spirit more than shooting aliens in the face so you can collect baking ingredients. Here’s your shopping list for earning this festive nickname.

    Destiny 2 Star Baker triumphs

    central trumps

    • the dawn of dawn
      • Complete Dawning’s intro quests “Bake a Cookie” and “Give Zavala a Present”.
    • amateur baker
      • Bake six of the cookies in the Sunrise Oven.
    • snowball operations
      • Defeat 100 snowball fighters in the Vanguard Ops playlist.
    • snowball challenges
      • Defeat 100 Snowball Fighters in Dares of Eternity.
    • expert baker
      • Bake 13 of the cookies in the Sunrise Oven.
    • expert baker
      • Bake 20 of the cookies in the Sunrise Oven.
    • bake-stravaganza
      • Bake 50 cookies in the Sunrise Furnace.
    • Compulsive buying
      • Purchase all 12 Dawning Upgrades from Eva with the Dawning Spirit.
    • Snow storm
      • Defeat 800 combatants or Guardians with weapons or Arc abilities.
    • Thaw
      • Defeat 800 combatants or guardians with weapons or solar abilities.
    • they call it snow
      • Defeat 800 combatants or guardians with weapons or void abilities.
    • deep freeze
      • Defeat 800 combatants or guardians with weapons or stasis abilities.
    • Vanguard Eternity
      • Complete the Vanguard Ops or Dares of Eternity activities.
    • Competitive spirit
      • Complete Crucible or Gambit matches.
    • Nightmare Before Dawn Seraph
      • Complete Nightmare Containments or Heist Battlegrounds.
    • With the light comes the dawn
      • Complete 100 activities on the Throne World of Savathun.

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    golden trumps

    • frozen death
      • Defeat 400 snowball combatants.
    • Reason for the season
      • Give 100 Dawning Gifts to vendors.
    • cheerful spirit
      • Spend 500 Spirit of the Dawn.
    • joyful destruction
      • Defeat 2,000 combatants with Dawning weapons.

    Gilding the Seal simply means that the Guardians have gone the extra mile to complete four additional Triumphs. This turns the title from a luscious shade of purple to a more distinguished orange. Let others know that you are, in fact, better than them.

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