Intel’s N95 Processor Benchmark Leak: An Entry-Level 2023 CPU



    Earlier this year, that Intel has planned to stop using its Celeron and Pentium brands for entry-level notebook computers in 2023. Instead, Intel will use the ‘Intel Processor’ logo. With 2023 becoming only weeks away, we have one of the first Intel Processor-badged CPUs allegedly to be tested. Wait until they are verified.

    Is Intel a product that developed by Geekbench 5 in the Primate Labs databases? The Intel N95 ([email protected]), which is the latest of all-consuming Alder Lakes-N CPUs, using fourAtom-class energy efficient cores built on the Gracement microarchitecture. Using the Geekbench database, the processor has a clock of 1,70 GHz, a clock of 2,80 GHz, 2MB of L2 cache and 6MB of L3 cache. This isn’t the first time that Alder Lake-N CPU is benchmarked, but it is the first time that Alder Lake-N is a quad-core processor.

    Swipe to navigate horizontally. Those that contain a cell – Column 0: Intel N95Core i3-N305Stole i3-Othlon et al. – General specifications4E, at 2.80 GHz8E, at 3.80 GHz4E, at a 3,10 GHz2P/4T, at 3.80 GHz4P, at 4.40 GHzStole? – By: (mr.) : (mr.stolemad

    Because the Intel N95 is an entry-level product with only four effective cores and rather low frequencies, it wasn’t definitely designed to improve performance. Hence, it’s not surprising that it ranked considerably faster than Intel’s 8-core Core i3-N305 processor. Yet, it fits with Intel’s 7305 CPU, that is equipped with one high-performance and four energy-efficient cores that operate at 1,10GHz.

    While we have to decide how exactly Intel intends to position its N95 processor, we also included scores from AMD’s entry-levelAthlon Gold 7220UCPU with two Zen 2 cores at 2.40 GHz 3.70 GHz and with 4MB of L3 cache for comparison. The Athlon Gold 7220U reflects better GeekBench five scores than Intel’s N95, though we have to remember that AMD’s best-end next-generation Athlon will be the dual-core Athlon Silver 7120U (which can not be tested yet).

    Even though Geekbench 5 is the best approach to compare a CPU to real-life applications, it can still be used to find out how processors stack up against each other.

    Let’s make no mistake between this and Alder Lake-N in the beginning.



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