In ten years the energy storage capacity in electric vehicles will double in size


    The heads of the Stellantis discuss the issue of electrification of the global vehicle fleet earlier this week during a special event. They discuss Carlos Tavares and Maserati Davide Grasso, the subsidiary brand. The first of these said that it would take five to ten years to double the storage capacity of electricity in electric vehicle traction batteries. It will not be possible to use the electric vehicles for the current generation.

    Image Source: Maserati.

    The advancement in the chemical composition of traction batteries will make them more compact and lighter, which is important for the sports cars that Maserati plans to produce. As a result, the electric usage will increase and the time needed to pay attention to that. Representatives of the company added that among the target consumers of expensive sports cars, there’s a demand for environmental care, therefore high-speed electric cars will be in demand.

    Teslas initiative to open the charging stations for all other companies isn’t very welcome by Stellantis representatives. According to them, most vehicles are equipped with a battery-sized charger, and for Tesla stations, others with this one. For Tesla charging stations, few companies would make the right pair of electric cars with the right type of second port.

    The automaker now produces 100 cars of various brands, but by 2030 it plans to offer 75 electric vehicles. In Europe, Stellantis product portfolio will be 100 % electric by 2030, and the USA will achieve 50 % share by the same time. Maserati will make sure that each of the new models is available in an electric version from 2025, as discussed earlier. The fear is that by the end of the decade, it expects to sell five million electric vehicles annually.

    Carlos Tavares points out that, for the successful expansion of electric vehicles, they must be available for middle-class buyers. If you exclude them from the market, electric vehicles can’t be able to make a decent distribution. Maserati will be a premium brand, even if the representatives aren’t ready to sacrifice the quality so a volume-conscious. Last year, only twenty-thirty cars of this brand were sold. The first electric car on the line will be the GranTurismo-Rohgore coupe, which goes on sale by September 2023, and the Grecale-Red crossover will follow later. Since Folgore is also offered in a hybrid version, the manufacturer expects that pure electric version will support up to 30% of sales.

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