In India, the price of the Xbox S soared for the second time in the last six months



    Microsoft announced the release of the new generation of Xbox games for $69.99. Does not exclude the management of Microsoft Gaming and the massive increase in prices for consoles or subscriptions. Among those regions, prices are rising pointwise. India is one of those regions.

    According to good-known insider Rishi Alwani, who is directly connected to India’s gaming market, the Xbox Series S console costs $3,990 from January 10 to 11 on January 10 – but now is around $483. The Xbox family raised the price of the Xbox S in the summer of 2022, when the price went up to 37,990, about $458.

    The cost of the Xbox Series S in India is already almost twice the cost of the console in the United States. However, the price of the Playstation 5 without a disc drive in India is 39.990 rupees (as of October 2022, it is difficult to buy a Playstation 5 in India at a recommended price), that is, it is now identical to the cost of the Xbox Series S.

    It must be said that Indian gaming has been growing rapidly in the recent years. However, it still has small share of the Xbox, the major part of the market is the Xbox.



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