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    One of the best Disney Dreamlight Valley activities is cooking, as it has many great benefits. Plus, there are so many recipes to add to your collection, and even five-star dishes can be easy to make. Some dishes allow you to use the raw materials you gather in the valley by harvesting or fishing, like this delicate French dish, Sole Meunière. This dish uses a particular rare fish and can be a tasty treat combined with a few other ingredients.

    Sole Meunière Recipe at Dreamlight Valley

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    Sole Meunière is a four-star recipe in Dreamlight Valley, which means you’ll need four different ingredients. As it’s called, the dish calls for the rare sole fish, which can be a bit hard to come by but adds to the value of this prepared meal. You can sell the plate to any Goofy Stall for 637 Star Coins or eat it to restore up to 2337 energy. Here’s everything you’ll need to do it:

    • Sole x1
    • Butter x1
    • Lemon x1
    • Wheat x1

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    Where to get ingredients for Sole Meunière in Dreamlight Valley

    The main challenge in finding the right ingredients for this dish is collecting the fish. Since this fish is a rare variety, it will only appear in gold fishing locations. He also happens to be native to only one Valley Biome: The Forgotten Lands. You will need to unlock the area with 15,000 Dreamlight. Once you have your fish, the other ingredients are relatively straightforward. Two are right in the main regions of the Valley, and the other you can harvest without spending a dime. This is where you can find everything:

    • Sole: The Forgotten Lands, from gold fishing spots
    • Butter: Chez Remy, purchased from Remy’s Pantry for 190 Star Coins
    • Lemon: Forest of Courage and Glade of Trust, harvestable from trees
    • Wheat: Peaceful Meadow, bought from Goofy’s Stall for 3 Star Coins (1 Star Coin per seed)

    Once you have your ingredients, head to the nearest cooking station. The easiest would be to go directly to Chez Remy, since you have to buy your butter anyway. Combine all purchased items and your four-star Sole Meunière recipe will be added to your collection and ready to sell, gift, or eat. It can be beneficial for any of those reasons!

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