ImperialHal Reveals Why TSM Didn’t Win Apex Legends ALGS Playoffs



    ImperialHal Reveals Why TSM Didn't Win Apex Legends ALGS Playoffs

    Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/TSM

    The Split 2 ALGS playoffs finally concluded on July 16, with DarkZero Esports taking home the trophy as well as the huge prize pool.

    As expected, the competition offered some incredible moments and was action packed all the way through. All 40 of the best Apex Legends Squads from around the world tried their best, but in the end, there could only be one winner.

    Out of all the organizations, TSM was one of the favorites going into the playoffs and finished second. Well, their IGL flip”Imperial HallDawson shed some light on why the team couldn’t quite win after reaching match point.

    Why didn’t TSM win the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs?

    During a recent stream, Imperial Hall discussed TSM’s performance in the playoffs and revealed that he was happy with their “second place” finish.

    Despite being “hellishly competitive”, Hall admitted they played “pretty well”. Although they have made some bad decisions, these are only evident in “The Likes”.

    Not only that, TSM IGL pointed out that many enemy troops knew who they were at match point by looking at their skins. As a result, enemies were targeting them because they knew that if TSM won the game, the contest would be over.

    The solution would be to ban all skins in pro play so that every legend looks the same, but it’s unlikely that Respawn will ever enforce this rule.

    When is the next big ALGS event?

    Apex Bangalore

    Click to enlarge.

    The next big competition Apex Legends The event will be the 2023 ALGS Championship which will be held from September 6 to September 10.

    With $2 million in prize money at stake, fireworks are guaranteed and it’s another chance for Hall and the squad to take home the honor.

    If you are interested in attending the event, ALGS has revealed that it is taking place at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham, UK.



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