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    Even if you’re still trying to decide which is the best race or faction in Type Soul, Quincy is worth giving it a shot. As Quincy, you can get the powerful Voltstanding ability which, while it can be hard to pull off, is well worth it. These are all the steps you will need to follow to get it

    How to get Voltstanding in Type Soul

    The first step to getting Voltstanding is to make sure you are a Quincy. To do this, you will have to venture to the castle, where you will also need to go to get your Volstanding. If you’re not a Quincy yet, here’s a quick way to become one (or you can skip directly to Voltstanding below):

    How to become a Quincy in Type Soul

    To become a Quincy, you will need to go to Quincy’s domain and enter the castle. Whether you’re a new player or not, I can show you how to get there as quickly as possible. Upon entering the game, you have to enter the first location, which is a city. First, look around the city to two great yellow cranes. If you can’t find them near you, look for the big bridge and cross to the other side to look for them.

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    The yellow cranes are the first landmark that will help you find the entrance to the Quincy teleport.

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    Once you’re at the yellow cranes, head to the corner outside the fenced area where the shipping containers are. then you want head straight forward towards a park area ahead of you.

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    The park is the second reference point to help you find it. From the parkYou will be able to turn right along the road and see the tunnel. Through the tunnelyou can enter the cascading portal that will automatically take you to Quincy’s domain.

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    You should see the castle as soon as you enter the world of Quincy. It is the largest building in the area. To become a Quincy, enter the lower entrance near ground level. You will see some blue flames on both sides. Inside is a large atrium with more blue flames around it.

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    All you have to do to become a Quincy is interact with the statue in the center of the room clicking on it. This will start a dialogue in which you want to say: “I adore the King.“You’ll have to be a Lost Soul for this to work. If you’re not, just have another player kill you to reset it. Once you pick that lane, you’ll respawn as Quincy.

    How to become Elite Grade as Quincy in Type Soul

    The next step to getting Voltstanding is to make sure you have Elite Grade. To do this, you will need to earn as much EXP as you can. You can easily do this by completing Quincy Board Missions, killing hollow NPCsand doing raids.

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    Talk to Balance in Quincy Castle

    Once you reach a higher level as a Quincy, you can now work towards getting your Voltstanding. To do this, go to Quincy’s Castleas shown in the steps above, and then start climbing all the stairs until the very castle top.

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    You will know you are in the right place once you reach the location with two statues on each side. Then head inside, continue straight down the hall and enter the second room on the left.

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    This is where the NPC Balance is. To get Volstanding, you will have to talk to him. However, there is three stages that you must first complete to show that you are worthy. These can take longer than anything else, so I highly recommend teaming up in a faction or bringing a few friends along for the ride. These are all the stages you will need to complete to earn your Voltstanding:

    • Permanent tension Stage 1
      • Complete 175 successful raids.
    • Volstanding Stage 2
      • Defeat 3 Bawa Bosses and 150 Hollows, and earn 40 Elite Player Grips
    • Volstanding Stage 3
      • Complete the Quincy Arrow Dodges minigame

    Once you complete all these stages, you will be able to talk to Balance again and you will finally be able to learn your Voltstanding. These stages can take some time, but if you’re part of a faction or have friends helping you, you can get through raids and battles much faster. Hop on the Type Soul Discord to find some friends to help you out!

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