Images of the first Red Dead Redemption remaster are reportedly leaking online.



    Images of the first Red Dead Redemption remaster are reportedly leaking online.

    Images via Rockstar Games

    Yee-haw, looks like the rumors were true for once. Just as we heard a lot about Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake before it was officially announced, rumors of a Red Dead Redemption remake are flying around town.

    Almost 13 years after Rockstar gave us the successor to the forgotten Red Dead Revolver, it looks like the Grand Theft Auto developer is saddled up and ready to go back to town with a next-gen remake of the 2010 cowboy caper.

    Photos of the first Red Dead Redemption remake possibly leaked.

    Instead of an announcement and months (if not years) of waiting, all signs point to a Red Dead Redemption remake starting in the second half of 2023. It’s set to be massive and even Alan Wake 2 devs have asked to port it.

    On the r/GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, there’s a dump of information about what’s going on along the way. As well as an expected spring 2024 release date, there will apparently be no multiplayer option, but we’ll add the beloved Undead Nightmare DLC for our troubles.

    The biggest one is the first look at the game, with two screenshots showing what we can get into. Although unconfirmed, they appear to show the Red Dead Redemption remake, which appears to be built in the RDR2 engine.

    The Red Dead Redemption remaster leak looks fake.

    Red Dead Redemption 2010 Train Gameplay.

    Click to enlarge.

    Before you get too excited, critics were quick to call out the leak as a hoax in the comments. After figuring out where these in-game images came from, some speculated that they were simply screenshots from Red Dead Redemption 2 played through an upscaler.

    It looks like someone made something for emphasis, the OP deleted their account as well. Someone joked, “These are RDR2 screenshots and a joke-safe assumption about the remake’s content. If you’re going to make fake screenshots of the RDR1 remake, at least try to show Mexico.”

    Even if this “first look” at a Red Dead Redemption remake is likely fake, there’s growing evidence that the title is out there. RDR has not appeared in any recent Rockstar sales, while former IGN editor Colin Moriarty claims to have seen evidence of its existence. With Gamescom coming up in August, we’ll be ready to see if we get an announcement.



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