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    Remnant 2 is full of unique encounters and tough boss fights. The Chimney is one of those encounters, requiring you to manage multiple mechanics at once while racing to the finish line intact. I’d say it’s one of the more interesting fights in the game because it doesn’t contain a boss, but it’s still difficult due to its abstract workings, even with a team at your side. It’s hard, but not impossible to beat, especially if you prepare ahead of time with this guide. Here is everything you need to know about La Chimenea.

    How to beat The Chimney encounter in Remnant 2

    As I just mentioned, Chimney does not have a boss that you will fight against. The encounter is a fast-paced challenge that sees you competing in a downward spiraling set of platforming that requires you to be diligent and deliberate with your actions. So, because there’s no boss, I’ll instead break down each mechanic you need to be aware of.

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    1. Collapsed roof electrified

    Your biggest threat during this matchup is actually the ceiling. Once you pull the lever in the middle of the room, the encounter will begin. The ceiling above you will become electrified and begin to descend towards your position. You need to follow the path down to the right of the lever, which leads towards the floor.

    This descent allows you to avoid the descending ceiling, but if you go too fast, you will come to an end on the electrified ground that awaits you. You see, this floor also descends at the same rate as the ceiling, so your goal is to stay between the electric ceiling and the floor until you reach the end of the path. However, even with just this information, it’s easier said than done due to the other mechanics attached to it.

    2. Purple crystals

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    As you speed down the spiral, you will come across ominous purple crystals that are either dim or glowing purple. These crystals conduct electricity and act like tesla coils when you get close. If you get close to a glowing purple crystal, you will take massive electrical damage and a DoT that will probably kill him in a few seconds.

    However, the dimmed crystals are inactive and are not a direct threat to you. They will kick in after a while though, so I recommend destroying every crystal you see before starting the encounter. This can be done by going to the edge of the raised platform you start on, looking down, and shooting the crystals. They just take a few shots with any weapon to destroy. Doing this will limit how much you need to stop and shoot during the challenge. They dirty your way, so I can’t recommend doing this highly enough.

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    3. Root obstructions

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    At two different points during your descent down the platform, you will run into seemingly dead ends. However, these are not dead ends, but obstructions caused by overgrown root vines. They will block your path until you destroy them. Doing so will open up a new path where the original left off. From here, follow the path down and continue as you were.

    4. Endless Enemies

    Making the encounter, weak, but numerous, Root enemies will spawn endlessly until you’ve reached the end. For the most part, these can be run and avoided without stopping. However, if they are crowded together enough to impede your progress, take them out as soon as possible so you can keep moving.

    Upon reaching the floor, you will receive a “Mission Complete” notification, signifying your victory over the electrifying gauntlet, The Chimney. Congratulations!

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