I’m the Caretar from playing Xbox and Steam


    We’re the Caretakers, an ultra-fi-fi world-class videogame put into afrofuturistic world, is now available in full version 1.0 on Xbox and Steam.

    We’re the caretakers is a modern sci-fi world with an Afrofuturistic vision. The characters, environments and stories combine artificial and organic science fiction. The music is a combination of floppy orchestral sounds, African violin samples and modern hip-hop rhythms.

    After the first encounter with an alien civilization, problems on the human body overtook humanity. Take command as the guide swearing to protect Shadran and the rapulous rhinoceros. The Guardians are armed against those who destroy what is left of the Rauns and their home, saving them from extinction and preserving their tradition of protecting Shadras most vulnerable layers.

    Our Wartakers is a full-time strategy, tactical management and turn-based combat. Expand your squad to perfection to the battlefield. Save the land, and protect the cities as well as the beloved Shadras that roamed the fields. Raise Rawns to a particular orphaned child who loves Conduit and watch him grow into a force to rescue his own kind.

    Recruitment incompetent poachers, but keep an eye on the Rangers’ reputation: the right decision isn’t always popular and can complicate future missions. With more than 40 campaigns, and a dark narrative with morally difficult choices, We Are the Caretakers puts them in a complex and immersive world full of strategic decisions and challenges.


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