If you want to catch me, catch me me



    I’ve mentioned a few times in other posts how I believeCatch Me If You Canis one of Steven Spielbergs best films. This funny true-life dramedy is entertaining, funny, poignant and charming and features Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks on high heels. Mix in a fantastic John Williams score, an intelligent script, stunning photographs by Janusz Kaminski, and strong supporting turns from Christopher Walken and Amy Adams, and you’re able to have a perfect classic.

    Now that the works of film perfection have reached the twentieth anniversary, I decided to take a moment to reflect on my favourite moments in the picture and give them a little touch and give it a very difficult task. The full movie Catch Me If You Can is great.

    Frank is in college with a school job.

    Even those unaware of it can tell the true story of Frank Abagnale, the 16-year-old who escapes home after parents have divorced him and is beaten up by police. Not hard crime, please, this isn’tGoodfellas. Instead, Frank uses his effortless charm and wit to steal money from the banks and make his way into a high-quality office a doctor, and a lawyer, for starters. She sleeps a lot with many women. So basically he’s living the dream.

    Frank’s deceptive – isn’t he? In the movie, he became angry with a bully when he first got the grade. Frank, who looks far older than his age, assumes the role of a substitute teacher and mocks the bullies in the class. When the real sub shows up, Frank quips, I often subordinate to Roberta.

    The school catches up with his plan and requires a meeting with Frank’s parents. Even though his mother scoffs his ridiculous behavior, He was planning a field trip, the school principal notes that Frank Sr. (Walken) kicks out the prank and jokes.

    Frank meets Carl Hanratty.

    After leaving home, Frank developed his skills on fake checks. The movie never tells me how he learned in the beginning of his journeys so much about routing and such. He often flends with beautiful bank tellers in the United States so that he can become a master criminal and catch the eye of the FBI agent Carl Hanratty.

    Carl, a desk jockey with no field experience, gets the drop of Frank in a Hollywood hotel. He burst into the room. Frankly walked out of the bathroom, and sensed Carls shaky character and went for the kill.

    That’s the new IBM Selectric, he says, to make Carls a better deal of risk. You know, he took over twenty checks here.

    Carl is shaking his head!

    Frank says you’re getting better. You’re over. He presents himself as Barry Allen, The American Secret Service, and is so convincing in his delivery that he turns the tables and convinces Carl to show him his ID.

    Frank then tells Carl to wait a while while he takes the equipment downstairs, and goes outside the room with his check-making machines. When Carl realizes his mistake, Frank was long gone, leading our stunned FBI agent to thry Goddammit, as opposed to letting Tom Hanks go. Brilliant.

    Engagement Party

    After Hanratty is finally catching up with Frank during the engagement party, the turn point begins. Frank loves a young nurse named Brenda (Adams) and decides to settle with her, but Hanratty is unstoppable at work and crashes the reception.

    Frank puts his pursuit into the bedroom with a friend and tells him the truth. Brenda, he says, I don’t want to lie to you. I am not a doctor, a lawyer, or a Lutheran. My name is Frank Abagnale. I ran out of my home in the past year and a half when I was 16 years old.

    For her part, Brenda makes this news tough and calmly asks, Frank, youre not Lutheran?

    Frank opens up everything; takes the shit through a closed window, and asks for Brenda to meet him at Miami International Airport to take the bus. By heartingly, the young woman agrees but then asks to tell me your real name.

    Frank William Abignale Jr.

    We enjoyed Frank’s misadventures, because they are mostly harmless fun suffocating with youthful ignorance. During the party, we observe how his actions negatively affect others, in this case, Brenda. From here, we can see Frank in different light and start to understand why Carl needs to stop him before he goes too far.

    Fly with me!

    Carl attempts to capture Frank using Brenda’s bait, but this young man doesn’t stop crying.

    Frank was unhappy with Carls actions. He decided to devise an escape plan. He could sneak away but decided to take a look at Miami to make a public spectacle out of Carl. Our naive young criminal heads to school and meets one group of women who want to join him on a trip around the world (they think Pan Am is sponsoring the project). And, he’s getting a good shot.

    The magic of movies around, a glorious scene that makes you smile, while pushing the plot and characters forward. I love Carl’s way of using his radio and his panicked response when one of his team said they spotted Frank in the parking lot. I miss Tom Hanks.

    Candies roast on a fire.

    After Carl finally captured Frank in France, they went flying and return to the state. In route, Carl reveals that Franks father died while Frank was in prison. We’re still evading the tenth year of the crime. In contrast, he was living in a cozy house where James is living with Brolin. Spielberg swam the scene in warm Christmas lights, and plays Christmas song song by Nat King Coles over the soundtrack. The ultimate dream of Frank came to life. Except for him, literally he is looking on the outside.

    Eventually, Carl arrives and places Frank in a patrol car. As such, we find a gleeful shot of Frank staring into the rearview mirror while he conceives a story of a crime, sung by an officer signal, so that he never has turned on a horror story, and that’s what made him happy.

    Frank spent many years traveling the world, buying expensive cars, dating beautiful women and eating in a great restaurant. Despite that, his money failed to deliver happiness he craved. Ironically, he finds more success when he flips his side and begins to work for the FBI in close contact with Carls to send a full tale about a loss of hope that you will feel like a million bucks.



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