Icon links, women’s players & three point system


    A new FC 24 (FIFA) means there is always the chance the chemistry system will have changed in Ultimate Team, with lots of questions surrounding how the Icon and women’s players’ links will function.

    FIFA 23 saw a new chemistry system introduced, one that relied more on who you have in your starting 11, as opposed to just who your players are next to. It made some aspects of squad building more challenging, but it also opened up plenty of other opportunities too.

    Since the last edition of EA’s football game we have seen a name change, with the new title rebranding as FC 24, so it stands to reason there could be some other changes in the game too. Ultimate Team is, without doubt, the most popular game mode on offer and often gets major tweaks and updates to keep things fresh.

    So, make sure to continue reading to see the EA Sports FC 24 chemistry system explained, so you can get to grips before you start playing.

    How will chemistry in FC 24 Ultimate Team work? 

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    Chemistry is still a thing in EA Sports FC 24, and it will follow the same three-point system that was introduced in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

    That means you will need to ensure your players are on three points of chemistry as the maximum,  giving boosts relative to how many points each player has accrued. The team chemistry is maxed out at 33 points and is impacted by the below:

    • League
    • Club
    • Nationality
    • Manager
    • Player position

    FC 24 Icon chemistry changes 

    Zinedine Zidane in FC 24

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    Although the chemistry system remains the same in FC 24, the way Icons work is changing, as Icons will now boost the league chemistry of any player by one, and provide an added bonus for anyone who shares the Icons nationality.

    This change should see Icons once again become the most valuable cards in the game, creating a vast amount of squad-building opportunities. Icons are legends of the game, some of the very best to have ever played the sport. Their cards are especially valuable, and hopefully this change will bring their worth back up, considering the relative drop that occurred in FIFA 23.

    How does women’s chemistry work in FC 24 Ultimate Team? 

    Player taking down the ball in FC 24

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    Women in FC 24 Ultimate Team will link with players from their own league, but they will also gain links across clubs and nations with both women and men, meaning that you can create some interesting links if the right player affords it.

    Make sure to find out more about women in FC 24 Ultimate Team here, as they are one of the biggest introductions to the game mode and series overall in many years.

    That is all you need to know about the chemistry changes arriving in FC 24 when it releases soon. If you can’t wait for the game, then make sure you give our hands-on preview a read. 

    Make sure to check out our EA Sports FC 24 homepage for all of the latest news and guides surrounding the newest instalment in EA’s long-running football series.


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