FIFA 23 adds Benzina as first hijab-wearing player


    In the wake of the Women’s World Cup heroines flying the flag for female footballers all over the world, EA Sports has consciously been promoting this celebration of football in FIFA 23.

    With the World Cup pioneering inclusion and diversity across football, Moroccan international Nouhalia Benzina wrote a chapter in history by becoming the first-ever player to wear a hijab in the global tournament – out of respect for her Muslim beliefs.

    With Benzina now becoming an icon around the world, EA Sports has added her hijab in FIFA 23, as she also becomes the first character to have the headwear added in the 30-year-old series.

    FIFA 23 adds the hijab for Women’s World Cup mode and Kick Off

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    As of August 9, Benzina will be seen sporting the hijab in FIFA 23. EA Sports revealed this to all players on FIFA 23 through a pop-up message which also revealed that more boots, gloves, kits, and tifos will be added.

    The headwear is currently only available for the Moroccan international, celebrating her achievements in football as she became the first player ever to wear it at the World Cup. Morocco reached the last 16 of the Women’s World Cup before being knocked out by France.

    Benzina shared a photo of herself playing with her own in-game character, rocking out a griddy as she netted a third goal against Germany. With women also being added to Ultimate Team in EASFC 24, Benzina could be wearing the hijab in the popular online game mode next year too.

    Will the hijab be added to EASFC and Clubs?


    So far, Benzina is only available to be used in game modes such as the new Women’s World Cup and Kick Off, given that women have not yet been added to Ultimate Team.

    However, it is not yet known whether the religious apparel will become readily available to players to equip on their own created characters on game modes such as Pro Clubs and Player Career.

    Previously, EA added Goalkeeper headwear for players to use, following the trend of Petr Cech’s helmet being sported by more and more keepers across the world (to prevent injury), which is now available on Pro Clubs. This could indicate that the same could happen for the hijab too, although it could also attract players using it in poor taste.

    GGRecon has reached out to EA Sports for comment but has yet to have a response. We will update this article with any statements from EA.


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