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    Anime Fighters Simulator just introduced a new way to trade passives from one character to another. The Passive Transfer Machine is a way to get some pretty busted passives on to newer characters. This is going to come in handy now that there are some new Divine passives and even Secret Passives in the game.

    Instructions for the Passive Transfer Machine in Anime Fighters Simulator – Roblox

    The first step to using the Passive Transfer Machine in Anime Fighter Simulator is getting the right amount of tokens. I recommend getting up to five tokens: most of the transfers will cost less than five, but this ensures that the player will get a good amount of transfers off to begin with.

    With coins in hand, the player can then head over to the Passive Transfer Machine and select both the character receiving the new passive and the character who is giving the new passive. Then toss it into the machine, and the receiving character should get that passive.

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    The best way to use the machine is to find units with double passives on them. For instance, a unit with double Flaming is a great unit to transfer seeing as Flaming is a very rare passive nowadays. Keep in mind, though, that only characters unequipped with a passive can be on the receiving end of the Passive Transfer Machine. Characters that already have passives on them will have to lose one before gaining a new one.

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