EA FC 24 fans argue women in FUT is huge



    With the transition away from the FIFA name, there are a lot of huge changes coming with EA FC 24 on September 29.

    One of the biggest is definitely the addition of women to the franchise’s unbelievably popular FUT mode, allowing players to create mixed teams that are not restricted by gender.

    Aside from having countless more talented footballers to choose from, some EA FC fans think this may have a wider impact on women’s football.

    They argue it may be the “biggest thing to happen to Women’s Football in terms of name recognition & visibility” and will likely introduce countless new fans to that side of the game.

    EA Sports FC fans think women in FUT will have a huge impact

    It’s no secret that EA FC 24’s most successful and lucrative mode is FUT, allowing fans to build their dream starting XI from any star-studded footballer from around the globe.

    With so much of the community gearing up to dive into Ultimate Team on day one, EA FC content creator Chuboi believes it could have a massive impact on women’s football.

    FUT will be the biggest thing to happen to Women’s Football in terms of name recognition & visibility… Might be the first time a video game is bigger than the sport it’s based on? So the game could dictate the sport instead.

    In his opinion, when a player is successful for you in FUT, you’re “way more invested in their career” and are interested in following them in the real game. As a result, women’s football featuring in FUT has the potential to generate icons in the community and encourage fans to watch more of that side of the sport.

    EA Sports FC fans excited to see women players in FUT

    Women's football in FUT

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    The expansion of EA Sports FC’s FUT mode to include women has got a lot of fans excited, who are keen to learn more about all of the players and their strengths on the pitch.

    Millions of people like me, who have bare ball knowledge when it comes to women’s football, suddenly will learn about so many of their best players,” said one user, with another claiming “This is how you take women’s football to the top.”

    We’ll just have to wait and see how much of an impact EA FC 24’s Ultimate Team will have on the women’s game, but the expansion, at the very least, will provide fans with more talented footballers than ever to choose from when creating their dream team.



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