How to Unlock the M13C AR in Warzone & MW2



    The Shadow Siege game mode in Call of Duty: Warzone is the limited-time reveal event for Modern Warfare 3. You can play this objective-based game to unlock various rewards by completing tasks. The new M13C Assault Rifle can also be unlocked via this event by completing a simple challenge.

    How to unlock the M13C Assault Rifle in Warzone 2

    To unlock the M13C AR, you need to assist in killing 5 commanders in the Shadow Siege event of Warzone. If you play DMZ, you may know that commanders are bosses that spawn at specific locations in the deployment zone. In this event, you’ll find three types of commanders: Juggernauts, Boss Choppers, and Wheelsons.

    You can kill any of these bosses five times to unlock the M13C weapon. Remember, the progress will count even if you get an assist for killing a boss. The commanders appear in the second phase of the Shadow Siege event after the missiles you’ve captured have destroyed the Zaya Observatory.

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    Where to find the commanders in Shadow Siege

    Reach the top of Zaya Observatory and you’ll find the Boss Chopper hovering in the sky around the radiation zone. Take out the helicopter but beware of the missiles. The Wheelsons will be guarding the bunker entrances. I completed the challenge by eliminating the Juggernauts who keep spawning via the elevator as you can see in the second image. Stay in that area and wait for these armored bosses to appear. You’ll get a Juggernaut Inbound notification when they arrive. I suggest you bring a Rocket Launcher in your loadout to take out the bosses fast.

    Some players are unable to unlock the M13C even after killing five commanders. Don’t worry as this is a known bug and the developers are working on its fix. You can try killing 10 commanders instead to see if the weapon unlocks for you. After the Shadow Siege event is over on August 21, you’ll be able to M13C by completing a simple unlock challenge in MW2 and Warzone 2.

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