How to Unlock the Defang Booster in Vampire Survivors


    Vampire Survivors has a staggering amount of content, allowing for multiple runs that rarely feel the same. My favorite part of Vampire Survivors is unlocking new content and trying new combos. One buff that I find particularly useful in the early stages is the Defang buff. Defang gives you a safety net, but you’ll need to unlock this power-up before you can use it in Vampire Survivors.

    Where to get the Defang boost in Vampire Survivors

    To get the Defang power-up in Vampire Survivors, you must unlock the Whiteout stage. About him Blackout stage is he antidote relic, and collecting it will unlock the Defang power-up. Pause the game to open your map and head towards the blue potion icon on the map, and you will reach a cave similar to where the Glass Fandango is located. Enter the cave and approach the Antidote. Pick it up and you’ll unlock the Defang power-up.

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    Defang is a cheap ignition that reduces the difficulty in Vampire Survivors. Some enemies will not be able to deal any damage to you and will be marked with a green tint. You can customize or disable this in the Options menu. Using Defang will make the game easier, which is especially helpful for first-time players.

    Update 1.17 has added a ton of new content to Vampire Survivors, including a new stage, weapon, relic, and power-up. It also celebrates the holidays and expands the overall experience. Be sure to check out the Whiteout map and its inverse to make sure you unlock everything the update has to offer.

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