How to unlock the Chaos Altemanna relic in Vampire Survivors


    One of the most interesting items in Vampire Survivors is the Chaos Altemanna relic that allows you to turn the dog O’Sole Meeo into a glowing deity. Here’s how to unlock the Chaos Altemanna relic in Vampire Survivors.

    How to get the Chaos Altemanna relic in Vampire Survivors

    You must play the Tiny Bridge stage to find the Chaos Altemanna relic in Vampire Survivors. He The Altemanna Chaos Relic is located at the far left of the Small Bridge.. Look for a shiny egg-shaped item. If you thought that was easy since the bridge is “small”, you are completely wrong! The developers have a morbid sense of humor, since this level is practically small. In fact, it’s a huge, infinitely long bridge where you have limited evasion space because it’s quite narrow.

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    How to Unlock the Tiny Bridge Stage in Vampire Survivors

    To unlock the Tiny Bridge stage, you must first acquire the Mirror of Grace relic, which unlocks Reverse mode in Vampire Survivors. After that, your next task is Reach level 80 in Inverse Gallo Tower with any character. Once you succeed, you will be able to play the Tiny Bridge level.

    What does the Chaos Altemanna relic do in Vampire Suriviros?

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    The Chaos Altemanna relic allows you to evolve into O’Sole Meeo. So is it worth surviving hordes of monsters on a “small” bridge? I’d say turning a dog that shoots flowers out of his butt into a golden celestial being is worth it.

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