How to get the Festival of Lost Memory in Destiny 2


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    Asking Bungie things is like using a monkey’s paw. You may eventually get what you want, but it won’t be exactly how you wanted it. Such is the case with Destiny 2’s Festival of Lost Memory, Twilight Keepsake.

    Ever since Destiny 2 launched, players have been clamoring for an all-black Shader. Technically we have it, but as a souvenir. This means that it cannot be used infinitely and can only be applied to crafted weapons. Despite this, it still looks great. Here’s how to catch it.

    How to Get the Twilight Remembrance Shader in Destiny 2

    The Memory of Twilight is initially acquired after completing the Twilight Triumph during the General Season of Witch Triumphs. This requires the Guardians to complete three secret objectives.

    • Complete the Fallen SABER attack with the Clovis Bray mask.
      • The Clovis Bray mask is obtained by completing the Cryptozoologist Event Challenge. It will be completed automatically as part of the Festival of the Lost introductory quest.
    • Get 100 kills in Neomuna while wearing the Nimbus Mask.
      • The Nimbus Mask is acquired by completing the Hocus Focus Event Challenge. This requires the Guardians to concentrate a Haunting Engram.
    • Perform a finish against 25 enemies in legendary haunted sectors while wearing the Tormentor Mask.
      • To acquire the Tormentor Mask, Guardians must complete the Heads Will Roll Event Challenge. This requires them to kill a staggering 100 Headless in Haunted Sectors.

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    As you can see, getting the Twilight souvenir is no small feat. The first two steps aren’t terrible, but the last one will take quite some time. Legendary Haunted Sectors are annoying enough, but performing 25 finishers requires Guardians to get up close and personal with some truly dangerous enemies. Additionally, obtaining the Mask of Tormentor requires a minimum of seven runs in the Haunted Sector if your team is killing the Headless fast enough.

    Once Guardians have completed the Triumph, they will obtain the Memento, which can only be applied to weapons crafted by visiting the Mars Enclave and molding or reshaping a weapon. From there, additional souvenirs can be purchased through Eerie Engrams. To further complicate matters, Mementos do not stack, meaning Guardians can only carry one at a time.

    Regardless, those who want to add it to their collection will need to work quickly as the Memento is only available during the Festival of the Lost. It will no longer be available after November 7, 2023. I swear, it’s always one step forward and two steps back with Bungie.

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