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    Peroxide gives players lots of different classes and abilities to slay Shinigami with. One of the more popular ones is Shikai, since it can simply demolish Hollows and to pretty well against other enemy types. Don’t expect this to be an easy find, though: earning Shikai in Peroxide takes way more effort than getting some of the easier classes, like Soul Reaper.

    How to get Shikai in Peroxide – Roblox

    In order to begin the quest for Shikai in Peroxide, players will need to have their character at least as a level 15 Shinigami. From there, several steps will have to be taken in order to actually get access to Shikai.

    The first step is to Meditate by pressing the N key. This will take players into a golden screen where they control their “spirit,” which is tied to their actual body via chain. In Meditation form, there will be tons of golden orbs to collect. Players will want to collect 50 orbs to move on.

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    After that, the next objective is to face a rouge Shinigami. I always tend to find rouge Shinigami at the outskirts of the soul society, so it’s best to go looking for these guys at the edge of the map.

    Once the Shinigami is defeated, it’s time to go back into Meditation with the N key. Collect another 50 orbs, and afterwards head out to fight an Adjucha. These enemies are more tanky than the Shinigami, so be prepared for a longer fight.

    After this is all done, players will get the chance to battle their Shikai whenever they meditate. As soon as players defeat this final enemy, they will receive their Shikai.

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