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    Like most Roblox titles, leveling up your character is essential in Peroxide if you want to combat against advanced bosses or complete later quests in the game. Many new players assume that you can level up by repeatedly playing trials that provide a lot of Experience Points, though, it is true, you must also take care of your Potential ratings, which caps the level of your profile. Read the below guide to get a complete understanding of the level progression system in Peroxide.

    What is Potential Rating in Peroxide?

    The Potential is a unique stat number that defines the overall level cap of your character. For example, if your character has a Potential rating of 23, you can only level up to level 28. You can find these numbers under the character stat menu. So, if you want to grow level up behind the given level cap, you must first improve your Potential rating.

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    How to raise your Potential Rating in Peroxide – Roblox Guide

    You can raise the Potential rating in Peroxide by leveling up your combat or support stats. For example, if you improve your Agility stat by 1, your overall Potential will increase by 1. In short, the Potential rating is nothing but an amalgamation of both your combat and support stats in Peroxide.

    Visit the following NPC at the given location to train your combat or support stats.

    • Kisuke Urahara – You can locate the NPC inside a shop in the Outer Karakura district. 
    • Ken – You can find the NPC meditating in a small alley in the Huceo Mundo POI. 
    • Herupa – Herupa can be found near the board at the entrance of the Kisuke Shop.

    Apart from these NPCs, you can also speak to the Gym Bouncer at the entrance of the Dojo to purchase the Dojo Membership. Use the membership to enter the premises and train your combat stats using the various instruments in the gym.

    Soul Gourds are also excellent ways to get stat points. Purchase the Kisuke Shop and start killing Hollows. After securing 10 to 12 kills, the Soul Gourd will turn green. Return the item to Kisuke for free ability points.

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    Why is my level stuck in Peroxide? 

    If you are not leveling up in Peroxide, it may be due to the level cap fixed by your Potential rating. Level up your Potential rating to increase your overall level cap in Peroxide.

    How to level up quickly in Peroxide 

    While training to improve your stats and Potential rating, you will also earn XP and level up automatically. Still, the best way to level up quickly is to play the Invasion game mode or Time Gate Event that starts every hour. Along with that, browse the mission board at the front of the Kisuke Shop and select missions that provide a lot of XP and Yen points.

    How to rank up in Peroxide

    Rank is another rating point in Peroxide that is different from your level and Potential rating. You can only rank up your character by Limitbreaking and resetting your character. Beat up enemies like Hollows to fill your Limitbreaker meter, and press the G button to Limitbreak. After Limitbreaking, your rank will increase automatically. Remember, you cannot go above C rank if you don’t possess Shikai or Schrift-style abilities.

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