How to Unlock She-Moon Eeeta in Vampire Survivors


    Few games make me come back for one more run like Vampire Survivors. There is a lot of content and ways to try new combinations between the different scenarios, weapons, relics and characters. With update 1.17, I’m particularly interested in trying out a new character, She-Moon Eeeta. Like all new characters, you would first have to unlock her before you could play as She-Moon Eeeta in Vampire Survivors.

    How to get She-Moon Eeeta in Vampire Survivors

    She-Moon Eeeta can be unlocked after reaching the Blackout stage in Vampire Survivors. Once you have unlocked Whiteout, you must Survive 20 minutes with any character.. Doing so will unlock She-Moon Eeeta. Whiteout is a small bonus stage, so it only lasts 20 minutes, which means you have to survive everything the stage throws at you to get She-Moon Eeeta.

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    Ella-Luna Eeeta starts with the Glass Fandango weapon and is slightly defensive with great armor and movement speed. She also has the Critical HP skill; Activates when She-Moon Eeeta drops below 25% of her maximum health and causes a ten-second freeze. You can attack enemies or move to a more advantageous position during this time. The critical HP skill recharges when you recover all your HP and does not activate when a strong attack kills you directly.

    She-Moon Eeeta’s ability is powerful and gives her an easy way out before dying. Despite this, she is a good character, but she is not among the best of the many Vampire Survivor characters. But Whiteout is worth playing and surviving for the 20 minutes to unlock it. Be sure to also get the rest of the Whiteout content, including exploring the reverse version of the scenario.

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