How to Unlock More Materia Slots in Crisis Core


    The core gameplay of most Final Fantasy VII games revolves around Materia. Materia are orbs that grant users, not only magic, but also various other abilities, such as stat boosts and powerful finishers. However, Crisis Core will initially only allow Zack to equip four Materias. Is there a way for him to have more?

    How do you unlock Materia slots in Crisis Core?

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    The good thing is that the Materia slot is unlocked as you progress through the game. More specifically, when Zack is promoted to SOLDIER 1st Class, your Materia slot will increase from four to six. The two additional Materia can be activated using L and R on the controller.

    However, more Materia doesn’t mean you’re fully equipped to take on everything. What you really want is stronger Materia, like Fira and Barrier. You can get these Materia early by fusing the previous ones. This is an additional benefit that will come along with Zack’s promotion.

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    Matter Fusion in Crisis Core

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    It will be dark at first, but after the promo, the Materia Fusion option in the menu can now be used. Here, you can merge two Materias to create something new. If you merge two master versions of the same orb, you will get a Materia of a higher level. So if you haven’t been walking through your Subjects up to this point, you better get started.

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