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    You may be wondering how to unlock and use mounts. Diablo 4as many players show off their fast travel on a large map.

    Diablo 4 Takes a more open approach to world exploration than other games, so being able to move from one location to another the game Being as quick as possible is a skill you’ll always want up your sleeve.

    Unfortunately, inside Mt Diablo 4 are not available to players at the start of the game, so you’ll have to spend some time before you can jump on a reliable stead.

    Thankfully, we’ve got all the details you’ll need if you’ve been wondering how to unlock and use mounts. Diablo 4So be sure to read the rest of this guide below to learn more.

    How to Unlock Mounts in Diablo 4

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    To unlock mounts Diablo 4you will need. Complete Mount: Quest for Donnan’s Fever. This quest is only available once you’ve completed Act 3 of the main campaign, however, so you’ll need to work your way through it before you can get a ride.

    Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to unlock and complete Mount: Doonan’s Fever Quest Diablo 4:

    • Start Act 4. Complete the A Master’s Touch main quest by talking to Doonan in-game and in Kyovashad’s Cathedral of Light.
    • Search and Talk to the stable master, Oscar.which is south-east of the route at Kivoshad.
    • He’ll give you the Old Neil Steed for free, allowing you to use your first mount. Diablo 4 And complete Mount: Donnan’s Quest for Fever.

    Oscar will have a gray steed and a mottled steed available for purchase for 20,000 gold each, so you can pick one up if you want.

    How to Use Mounts and Ride in Diablo 4

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    To summon and mount his mount Diablo 4you should Press the ‘Z’ key on the D-pad or right.

    You won’t be able to restart your mount for eight seconds after dismounting under normal conditions, but the cooldown will increase to 20 seconds if your mount is attacked and runs away.

    Use the standard movement controls to ride your mount and control its direction, but you can also Use the spur ability with the space bar or the right trigger. For a temporary speed boost.

    • Find out everything you need to know about Diablo 4 classes, including the abilities and skills on offer, in our comprehensive guide.

    You can use the spur ability to get through swarms of enemies, but it only has a limited number of uses that fill up over time, so make sure you have it when you need it. has

    You can land normally by pressing the right mouse button or B/Circle while in your mount. Alternatively, you can also a Class specific attack to unleash by pressing the ‘1’ key or X/Squarebut it can’t be started until nine seconds after you first land on the mount.

    You are able to freely ride your mount within the overworld, but Installed in Diablo 4 Not available for use in basements, cellars or you have to rely on your own two feet in these situations.

    All Diablo 4 mounts

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    Here are all the mounts. Diablo 4 And how to get them:

    • Blood Bay Mt – Randomly dropped in Kehjastan.
    • Bloody Liquid Mountain – Dropped after defeating Echo of Lilith.
    • Bloody Mount (PvP) – Dropped from the Field of Hate Stablemaster or purchased for 100,000 Red Dust
    • Brigand’s Mountain – Randomly dropped anywhere.
    • Buckskin Bay Mt – Randomly dropped in Kehjastan.
    • Caladium Mt – Randomly dropped anywhere.
    • The Cavaliers’ Mt – Randomly dropped anywhere.
    • Rotten mountain – Randomly dropped by treasure goblins.
    • Dust back mount – Dropped randomly in dry steppes.
    • The Mountain of Endurance – Part of the Penitent Dragoon Prestige Mount set in the store
    • Executioner’s Mountain – Randomly dropped anywhere.
    • Granite Coat Mt – Randomly dropped in Scosglen.
    • Greystead Mt – Buy 20,000 gold from Stable Master.
    • Gresley Calico Mt – Unknown
    • Ingot Mount – Part of Set The Weight of Gold Prestige Mount Armor in store
    • Lathe ice hole mount – Part of the Set Corruption Hunter add-on in the Store
    • Light Bearer Mount – Pre-order any Diablo 4 edition.
    • Marshback Mt – Randomly dropped in Hawezar
    • Marsh Rowan Mt – Randomly dropped in Hawezar
    • Mottled Stead Mt – Buy 20,000 gold from Stable Master.
    • Old Nile Mt – Obtained for free from Stable Master after completing Donan’s Favor Priority quest.
    • Yellow Mountain – Dropped randomly in broken peaks.
    • Plain Erling Mt – Unknown
    • Primal Instinct Mount – Twitch drops from June 2023
    • Seal the brown mount. – Randomly dropped anywhere.
    • Spectral charger mount – Dropped as a Nightmare Dungeon reward or as part of Gathering Legions events
    • Stained Shell Coat Mount – Randomly dropped in Scosglen.
    • Striped step mount – Dropped randomly in dry steppes.
    • Taiga Roan Mt – Dropped randomly in broken peaks.
    • Temptation mountain – shopping Diablo 4 Deluxe or Ultimate Edition
    • Trapper’s Mountain – Randomly dropped anywhere.
    • Trion charger mount – Triple Nightmare Prestige Mount Armor Set in store

    So, that’s how to unlock and use mounts. Diablo 4allowing you to freely ride through the game’s monstrous wastelands.

    You won’t have to go dungeon crawling for more Diablo 4 content, as we’ve got tons more news and guides for you to check out on our dedicated game page.


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