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    Like any other clicker game, the main objective of Arm Wrestle Simulator is to gain strength by training and defeating all the bosses in each world. While the notion of acquiring power may seem simple, it takes hours upon hours to build up muscle strength in-game, even through the auto-training feature. So if you are a new player to the game who wants to escape from school or gym quickly by gaining a lot of strength, please read the guide below in detail.

    How to Gain Strength Quickly in Arm Wrestle Simulator – Roblox

    Here are some tips and tricks to quickly build strength in Arm Wrestle Simulator.

    • Choosing the right training regimen: First of all, you need to select the correct training method according to your current world. For example, knuckle strength training should be your main focus if you’re trying to escape school, since you’ll gain strength much faster than with other training methods. Find the list of the best training methods for each word in the table.
    World best training method
    World 1 (School) Knuckle
    World 2 (Gym) Knuckle
    World 3 (beach pool) Hand
    World 4 (Nuclear Bunker) hand and biceps

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    • Getting Powerful Pets: Pets provide boost numbers to your training process. Therefore, acquiring powerful pets and evolving them to their final stage is essential to quickly gain strength. Apart from buying pets by hatching eggs, the best way to get free and powerful pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator is to farm the event eggs. Pets change every week and can be acquired simply by defeating the boss. You can also trade pets from other players if you have additional pets in your inventory.
    Screenshot from MyFullGames
    • evolving pets: In addition to getting powerful pets, you also need to upgrade/evolve them to their final stage. You can evolve pets into their huge or large form by stacking three pets of the same form into one. You can also get a gold, emptyeither mutated shape of your pets, which provides additional boost numbers.
    Screenshot from MyFullGames
    • using a trail: Trails are unique items that players can equip in the game. They increase your overall strength and agility. If you’re in World 1 and World 2, you should at least have the Day either nocturnal rainbow equipped and upgrades as you progress to other worlds.
    Screenshot from MyFullGames
    • party impulse: Arm Wrestle Simulator provides a 10% overall boost to all training if you play with a match. So, bring your friends and use the boost system.
    • Renaissance: Unlike other titles, Rebirthing does not offer many stat boosts. Still, you can use the feature occasionally for a permanent strength boost.
    Screenshot from MyFullGames

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    In addition to these free techniques, if you’re ready to spend some Robux, be sure to buy the following things.

    • VIP pass: VIP Pass allows you to triple your earnings and training earnings.
    • double strength benefit: You can find individual packs in the store that allow you to double the strength of your knuckles, biceps, and hands. Buy the benefits separately or get the complete package.
    • Pet Inventory Size: A must buy, in addition to the two above, is to increase the size of your equipped pet from the default of 3 to at least 5 or 6 to increase boost numbers.

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