How to start a cult in BitLife


    While there are tons of life simulator games out there, not many of them allow you to build a cult following. However, BitLife allows you to create your own followers. These cults are also very customizable; you can choose your own beliefs and rules. This is how you can start that cult following.

    How to organize a cult in BitLife

    Starting a cult in BitLife is as simple as buying land. This serves as a commune for worship, and different communes have different levels of attractiveness. It is important to select a commune with a lot of appeal, so that more people want to become followers. Communes are also quite appropriate, you can choose anything from Sanctuaries to Hunter Lodges.

    Now, purchasing this commune will cost quite a bit of real money. The good news is that no one can join your cult for free – they have a follower fee that applies to all members of the cult, making it a decent source of income.

    After selecting the commune, you can choose between these four ideas:

    • Alien
    • Anti-system
    • Armageddon
    • The new World

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    Once set up, the next thing you need to decide is the rules of your cult. You get up to three rules that you can impose on your followers. My personal favorite is that all chicken wings must be boneless.

    After that, you can select a title for yourself and there you have it; You are now a leader of men and women. You can increase your worship participation by going to the Activities tab. Cults can do everything from community outreach to teaching programs.

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