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    For anyone new to 2D Mario games on Nintendo Switch, the controls may be a little difficult to get used to. Here’s a layout of all the controls in Super Mario Wonder to help you improve quickly.

    Joy-Con controls for Super Mario Bros. Wonder

    Image via Nintendo

    Super Mario Wonder’s controls are pretty typical for a 2D platformer for the Nintendo Switch; These controls will be the same whether you use the Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller to play.

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    • Tenure AND It is a running or running skill.
    • Touching Y It is to use your current power, such as throwing fireballs or using your elephant trunk. You can pick up water, throw it, and hit enemies with your trunk like an elephant with Y.
    • b is jumping.
    • x It is to excite.
    • Hold down A to change powers. A balloon will appear with the powers you have, then you can jump into it to collect it.
    • Press or hold ZL It’s for bending down.
    • ZR and R Both are spinning jumps. Press ZR or R while spinning jump to do another small half spin.
    • Jump against a horizontal surface and hold down left stick towards it to slide for the surface.

    You can also play with a single Joy-Con, placed on its side if you want to play multiplayer. The controls are basically the same, with a couple of minor changes. The left bumper is no longer useful for crouching; Instead, you’ll have to use the left stick down. All the buttons are also rotated, so instead of B to jump, you’ll need to press A on the right Joy-Con or left on the left Joy-Con.

    Image via Nintendo

    How to change controls in Super Mario Wonder

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    There are only two key combinations that can be changed in Super Mario Wonder; you can change the run and run buttons, and you can also make the ground slam a little easier to do. Both can be changed in the settings menu, accessed by pressing More on the Joy-Con and then selecting Settings on the left side of the menu.

    • While Y is a dash and B is skipped by default, you can change them. This might be easier to understand for those who are more used to PlayStation or Xbox controllers.
    • By default, the ground slam is performed by holding down the left stick and then pressing ZL in the air. If you want to make this a little easier, perhaps for a younger player, you can change it in the settings so that you simply press ZL while in the air.

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