How to spot copycats in Lords of the Fallen


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    If you’re like me, then you’re absolutely sick of being eaten up by monstrous Lords of the Fallen imitators. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been eaten by one of these things trying to loot an area. They deal enough damage with a single shot, even after building up Vitality, which is ridiculous in itself. However, what if I told you that there was a way to spot a knockoff and stop it in its tracks? Interested? Then read on.

    How to see imitations in Lords of the Fallen

    Believe it or not, the method to detect an active imitator is really simple. As you probably already know, Mimics take the form of an inconspicuous object that you instinctively want to loot. Instead of succumbing to the charm, slow down and take a very close look at the item in question. Make sure you stay away from nearby enemies while doing this, or you could accidentally loot the item in the middle of everything and get eaten. I also recommend staying away from Threshold for this reason.

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    Look closely at the yellowish-gold trail the object leaves on it. An element that is just one element will show a simple fluid motion, swaying from left to right with a basic rhythmic shape. Elements that are imitations, on the other hand, will show an erratic trail, without a clear rhyme or reason. It is wild, untamed and exists outside the norm. If you see this, you have a copycat lurking.

    How to kill copycats in Lords of the Fallen

    One thing you should know is that it imitates are hosting items What are you going to want? I have received valuable things from them before, like Vestige Seeding, for example. So you pick them up with the mimicry there? You kill him, of course, using your Umbral Lamp’s soul flaying technique.

    While you can’t specifically target a Mimic, you can still get right in front of it without it attacking you. Do this and try to skin the soul of the item you think is a knockoff. If so, the imitation will be instantly sucked out of the item and will be safe for collection. Don’t worry. Once this happens, the impersonator is no longer a real enemy to fight. Soulflaying just kills him instantly. You are welcome.


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