How to cure the petrified girl in Lords of the Fallen


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    Despite being a linear map, I’ve come across many interesting paths and items in the world of Lords of the Fallen, from red butterfly lanterns to hidden loot and other terrifying monsters. You may also encounter some mini-quests as you continue your journey, such as the mysterious Petrified Girl. Figuring out what needs to be done to help the girl isn’t too obvious, but you can get some cool rewards for doing it, so keep reading below for all the details!

    Guide to the Lords of the Fallen Petrified Woman

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    You can find the Petrified Girl as you go deeper into the abandoned swamps right after fighting the Flesh Gatherer. In one of the central areas of the swamps, where you will see a big bonfire in the center you will hear it hum taking you to his little cave. You will have to go through the door/vines blocking the entrance and then you can talk to her.

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    She will tell you how she became petrified and will ask for your help to help her get out of there. However, she won’t tell you exactly how to do it. It’s pretty simple if you have what you need: the Sanctify spell. To cure her of the stone, you will need to use the Hallow healing spell on her. If you don’t have it yet, here’s how you can get it:

    How to get the Sanctify spell in Lords of the Fallen

    The Hallow can be looted from a chest in the Skyrest Bridge. You can easily return there by using a Shrine and teleporting to the Skyrest Bridge Vestige. You will want to return to the battlefield where You fought the boss, Pieta..

    At the Skyrest Bridge Vestige Shrine, continue straight down the hallway until you reach the grand staircase. Go up the stairs and enter the door on the left side that will take you back to the tower. In the tower you will want keep going up all the stairs until you reach the top, where the chest will be waiting for you.

    Once you get Sanctify, you can only use it if you have a Radiance of 18 or higher and have a Catalyst. You may have already picked up a catalyst on your way; If not, you can buy one at the Skyrest Bridge from the NPC Molhu using your Vigor points. It also means that you may have to level up a bit before continuing to help the Petrified Girl. You can do this quite easily by fighting as many enemies as you can, making sure to pick up Vigor and not lose it. When you have the right Radiance and a Catalyst, you’ll want to equip the Catalyst in your ranged weapon slot and the spell in one of your arrow slots, then return to the Petrified Girl’s cave.

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    Once you reach it, use the spell by pressing the same buttons you normally use for your flashlight or crossbow. You’ll want to make sure you are close enough to her so that the spell is placed on the ground beneath her. This is an area of ​​effect healing spell, so you must be within it to get the effects. When she starts to heal, she will be cured of the petrification and you will be able to talk to her again.

    To finish the mission, the woman will ask you to rest for a day and then you will return to her. This means you will have to return to a Vestige. Luckily, instead of walking all the way back through the swamp, you can exit her cave and plant a Vestige seedling right in the flower patch outside. After resting, talk to her once more, she will thank you for your help and leave the area.

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    Now that she is no longer in the cave, you will have access to the loot that was behind her. This is The Wilmarc Catalystwhich allows you to have four spell slots, an upgrade to the Starting Catalyst that you were probably using before and is also worth having to increase your spell power.

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