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    Are you confused about the challenge of solving a puzzle in Ruin in? Fortnite? Forest Biome In Fortnite Home to many secrets, including ruins that you can only get to by solving puzzles.

    This primer details the ruins, including where to find all the ruins. the game And how to solve a puzzle in Ruin in. Fortnite.

    What is a ruin in Fortnite?

    Fortnite Ruins go by many names, such as Jungle Vaults.

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    Not to be confused with Rumble Ruins Point of Interest (POI), ruins are another name for Temple Vaults, or Fortnite Jungle Vaults, hidden in the Jungle Biome. Like regular vaults, high-level loot caches remain within the ruins.

    Despite their resemblance to vaults, keycards are useless in ruins. Instead, you must solve one of three types of puzzles to gain access to the ruins.

    Where to find ruins in fortnite

    There are ruins all over the jungle biome in Fortnite.

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    Ruins only exist in the Jungle biome. You won’t find ruins anywhere else on the island. By week 7 of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, there are nine ruins in total.

    Ruins are relatively evenly scattered throughout the jungle biome. There are four major ruins and five minor ruins. The large ruins contain numerous puzzles to protect the large treasure rooms. Minor ruins are lower, store less loot but also have less access to gatekeeping.

    Below is a list of where you can find all the ruins in Fortnite:

    Large ruins

    • South Ruins (Southeast of Rumble Ruins)
    • Northern Ruins (Northeast of Shady Stilts)
    • Hidden Temple (Northwest of Kriki Compound)
    • The ruins

    Minor ruins

    • May Day Meadow (southwest of Shady Stilts)
    • Sansoun Lagoon (north of Rumble Ruins)
    • Unknown location southeast of Shady Stilts
    • Unknown location southwest of Rumble Ruins
    • North of apparatus landmark
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    How to solve a puzzle in a ruin in Fortnite

    Some puzzles in Ruins in Fortnite are more difficult to solve than others.

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    To go inside a ruin Fortnite, you have to solve a puzzle or a series of puzzles. Ruins includes three different types of puzzles designed to keep out would-be looters. Below is a list of the different puzzles you’ll find in Ruins and how to solve each one:

    Worthy item puzzle

    The Worthy Item Puzzle is the first defense outside of the largest ruins. Fortnite. As the name of the puzzle suggests, opening this ruined door requires you to donate an item that the door deems worthy.

    To solve this puzzle, you must discard an item in your inventory that matches the color emitted by the door. Most of the time, the door wants something of epic rarity or higher.

    Find the Flames Brazier Puzzle.

    The hardest of the Ruin puzzles is undoubtedly the Find Flames Brazier Puzzle. When you reach this ruined door you will receive the instructions to “…find…flames”.

    Now, look around, and you’ll see a series of braziers burning in purple flames. To solve this puzzle and open the door to ruin, you must light the flames in a certain order.

    Elsewhere in the ruins there is another set of braziers that correspond to the braziers outside the ruins entrance. Find these braziers and write down which ones are lit and which ones are not.

    Once you’ve memorized it, head back to the braziers outside the ruined door and light and extinguish the brazier to match the flames discovered in the other chamber.

    Sculpture puzzle

    Statue puzzles are usually the only thing between you and the riches inside the modest ruins. The statue puzzles are also among the easiest of the ruin puzzles, although finding the solution comes down to pure luck.

    Approach the entrance to the ruins outside any minor ruins. Fortnite, and you’ll get a “Find the … statue … is … a” prompt. This clue is pointing to the statues to the right and left of the door.

    To solve this puzzle, pick one of the statues and interact with it. If you choose correctly, the door to ruin will open. If you choose the wrong statue, you will be teleported through the rift into the sky.

    There is no way to know for sure which statue is the key to unlocking the door to the ruins without examining them. Just make your best guess, and if you’re wrong, go back and interact with the other statue to solve the puzzle and unlock the ruin.

    So, this is how you solve a puzzle in Ruin in. Fortnite. Complete this Week 7. Fortnite Automatic level-up quest!

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