How to sleep with your coworkers in BitLife


    One of the missions in the latest Deadliest Catch challenge is to sleep with more than five people from your office circle. Although the task is quite simple, it can turn into a nightmare if the opposing party always rejects your procedures. These things mostly happen if you don’t have enough relationship ratings for the intended party. So if you are new to the game and don’t know any method to improve your relationship meter with anyone, then read the detailed guides below.

    How to improve the rating/relationship meter with your coworker in BitLife

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    The best way to improve your relationship rating/meter with your coworker is to perform one of the following tasks in the Activities section under their name.

    • passing the time
    • Give away
    • flattering
    • Conversation
    • Jokes

    Repeat the above tasks until the relationship bars rotate green either full. make sure not Befriend them while improving your relationship. Otherwise, they might assume you’re zoning them as friends, creating unwanted roadblocks on your journey.

    How to sleep with your coworkers in BitLife

    Once the relationship bar is full or at least green, you can flirt with your coworkers without any problem. To connect with any office mate, visit the coworkers tab in the Work section. Now, select the target and choose the Connect option in the person’s activities tab. Repeat the process with five different partners to successfully complete the challenge.

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