How to play Gunfight in Halo Infinite


    Firefight was the biggest addition to Halo Infinite Season 5 Reckoning, bringing back the beloved mode from previous titles. My friends and I were really excited about Firefight, but we had trouble figuring out how to play the PvE mode. If you’re experiencing the same thing, read on to learn everything you need to know about Firefight in Halo Infinite.

    Halo Infinite Firefight Mode: How to Play

    Playing Firefight is a bit complicated in Halo Infinite, as there is no dedicated playlist where you can queue up to play. Instead, you can only play Firefight through custom games; You can create your own Firefight mode and map or find one created by the community. As a result, you cannot play Firefight with random players and must fill out a Custom Games Lobby.

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    How to create gunfight maps in Halo Infinite

    Can use Halo Infinite’s Forge to create your own maps and gunfight modes. Simply launch Forge mode and start creating your map. You can place enemy spawns, drop pods, movement boxes, and more; Feel free to use existing maps or create one from scratch. Once you’ve finished creating your Firefight map, save your creation, add a description, set your game type, and publish it.

    What is gunplay in Halo Infinite?

    The shooting is a PvE mode in Halo Infinite similar to horde mode. You and your team must face and defeat waves of enemies with a set number of lives. If you run out of lives, you lose and must restart. Firefight offers a cooperative way to play against enemy AI and has become one of my favorite modes to play with friends.

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