How to play Fall Guys Lily Leapers Limbo – Tips and tricks


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    The popular platforming Battle Royale Fall Guys offers many different arenas to compete in. These can fall into a number of categories, including career maps like Lily Leapers. While the goal may be to get from start to finish, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. This may leave you wondering how to play and win Lily Leapers in Fall Guys.

    Lily Leapers from Fall Guys requires players to get to the end before the other players qualify for the next round. This obstacle course is full of jumps Lily pads, which is mainly how players will get to the ending. Once the countdown is over, run, bounce and climb your way to the finish line.

    How To Win Fall Guys Lily Leapers – Strategies

    Unfortunately for casual fans, fans of Fall Guys on PC have found a blow a speed race and earn Lily Leapers incredibly fast. You can sxyd in action, as this Fall Guy player manages to win this round in less than twenty seconds. In the video, Sxyd flies across the field before most players have a chance to get to the half.

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    Now, for non-sprinter players, you can still have a chance to qualify with some simple strategies. Bouncing on water lilies will give you impulse, and if you continue to bounce, you will maintain this momentum and be able to accelerate through the course. Some lily pads are stationary while others are moving, so you have to aim where it bounces.

    Eventually, you will reach the end of the stage and you will have to choose a road. You can take the side routes or the middle one; only take the middle route if you are confident in your abilities. This is the fastest route but it is more risky. We recommend taking this route only if there are a few spots left and you are about to be disqualified.

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