How to Make Coconut Boba Tea in Dreamlight Valley


    If you’re looking for a sweet treat to cook up in the Disney Dreamlight Valley, you could do worse than brew up some Boba tea. Since being introduced in the Secret Missions in Uncharted Space update, these recipes have become a favorite of Disney fans and friends. If you need to make Coconut Boba Tea specifically as a gift for one of those friends, we can help. Here is the recipe you will need.

    Disney Dreamlight Valley Coconut Boba Tea Recipe

    Coconut Boba Tea, a three-star recipe, is made with the following ingredients: Sugar cane, MilkY Coconut. Milk can only be purchased at Chez Remy. Once you’ve invited Remy to your Village from the Kingdom of Ratatouille and put the restaurant back up and running, you’ll be able to buy Milk from the pantry near the stove for 230 Star Coins each.

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    The other two ingredients in this recipe are found in the stunning beach Biome. Sugarcane is an ingredient that you grow through gardening. Seeds can be purchased at Goofy’s stall. By planting them in the Dazzle Beach biome, you can make crops grow faster. The coconuts are harvested from the trees found on the beach. However, you won’t be able to find them unless you have invited Maui back to your Village from Moana Kingdom. You should also have made some progress along your friendship quest line. Specifically, you will need to complete bury the eel.

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