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    In Starfield, your journey starts by gathering the mysterious artifacts with the Constellation, culminating in reaching the Unity. You reach the Unity during the final story mission in the game, where you encounter an alternate version of your character. If you are planning to stay in the original universe then you need to know how to exit the Unity. Here’s how to leave the Unity in Starfield.

    What happens if you exit The Unity in Starfield?

    Unity is a point in space-time that leads to an infinite multiverse based on countless possibilities, and you’ll get a chance to stay back in your universe or continue to another. After reaching the Unity, you’ll meet another version of your character narrating the process of becoming a Starborn. Stepping in through the Unity takes you to a new universe starting the NG+ experience.

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    This is where you are given a choice whether to travel to a new reality or stay back in your universe. To stay back in your original universe, simply walk away from the Unity till you reach the edge. The narrator points out that you are leaving Starfield and going further will let you exit the Unity. You can do this multiple times and return to the Unity when ready. After exiting the Unity for the first time, interact with your companions to answer their questions.

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    Can you reenter the Unity in Starfield?

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    Yes, you can easily re-enter the Unity after leaving it. To do this, simply build the Armillary on your ship. Once that’s done, sit back in the pilot seat, and assign maximum available power to the Grav Drive. The Unity is not a planet or moon, instead, it is a pocket of cosmic space in time that can be reached by completing the Armillary and using it on your ship.

    Things to do before reaching the Unity in Starfield

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    • Acquiring as many Starborn Powers as possible
      • Starborn Powers get upgraded as you travel to new universes. Before leaving your original universe make sure to collect as many powers as you can. I was able to get 21 Starborn Powers in the first playthrough before moving on to NG+
    • Level up and unlock core skills
      • Entering the Unity will reset your inventory, outposts, side quests, ships, gear, and equipment. However, you’ll get to keep the progression so far, along with all the unlocked/ranked-up skills. I’d suggest at least having the core skills for your playstyle before moving on to a new universe.
    • Speak to companions and partners
      • Bid farewell to your Constellation friends and companions before entering the Unity. Discuss the possibility of becoming a Starborn and listen to everyone’s opinions. If you have a romantic partner, interact with them before going to the other universe.

    Remember, you can always choose to stay in your original universe; but if you want the Starborn gear and spaceship, you’ll need to travel to an alternate reality by going through the Unity.

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